You can’t please everybody.


I saw this recipe on a fellow bloggers post ( and as a chocolate lover I just had to try it.

Brownie with Dulce de Leche

Obviously I need to work on my presentation but I feel I am getting there with the actual baking.  The recipe converted quite easily; having my conversion table really helps.  The only problem I had was working out what dulce de leche is.  (Thank goodness for Google).  Everything went well with the baking, apart from my three year old helper who decided it would be fun to touch the mixer as the bowl was moving round.  Obviously the temptation of the rotating bowl was just too much and worth risking fingers and brownie mix.

Thankfully it wasn’t as disastrous as it could have been and with fingers still attached and mixture ready to bake, all we had to do was wait patiently.  Now, waiting patiently, to my son means waiting a whole minute before asking to try the brownie.  Unfortunately, the brownie takes more than a minute to bake so I had to explain that it just wasn’t ready yet.

It was nearly dinner time so I had to delay the trying of the brownie until after dinner, luckily we were having my son’s favourite meal of sausage, chips and beans, otherwise all hell would have broken loose.

After eating all his dinner up, my son asked for the brownie and we all had a piece, even my one year old daughter.  She shovelled it in like she had never been fed (she is definitely my daughter) and I thought it was rather tasty too.  However, my son didn’t like it.  I’m not sure if it was the caramel or not but I must say I was rather surprised.

In my opinion, this was a success, but I don’t think my son would agree.



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