It’s been a while!

So, it seems weeks can fly when you’re a mother, without much actually getting done.  I intended to read other mummy blogs and then right another one myself, all within a week, but with children, nothing ever goes according to plan.

My son had his MMR booster and apart from a massive bruise where he moved – it was the second jab and he knew what was coming the poor thing – he seemed fine.  The nurse did warn me that they can have symptoms up to three weeks after the injection but I just forgot about it, as a good mother does!!  It was nearly a week later when he woke up but didn’t seem to really want to wake up.  He felt hot and kept rolling over and going back to sleep – in my bed of course (another battle we need to face) – and just wanted to be left alone.  It was very sad to see him like that.  I got his sister up and we were just going downstairs for breakfast when he perked up and decided to join us.  After breakfast, which I am glad he ate, he just wanted to lie on the sofa and watch his programs.  This is most unusual as my son loves music and the first thing he normally does after breakfast is put his music on and have a dance.  He dosed a bit and then I decided to give him some Calpol.  Good old Calpol! Why it took me so long to give this to him I really don’t know but after about an hour he was up dancing and jumping about with his sister.  It was like a miracle recovery – unbelievable.  I had called his nursery first thing to say he wouldn’t be in for his afternoon session so I called them back and told them he has perked up and wants to go to nursery.

That was just one of the things that distracted me from writing another post.  My daughter has also been ill as she is getting her back teeth and also, I noticed, her fangs.  Not sure if that is what they are actually called but that’s what I call them.  So, lack of sleep and looking after my poor babies has made about three weeks disappear without me really realising.  They will be moving out before I know it and I am getting scared of the things I might miss if I don’t pay enough attention.  I try to let things go and just relax about things that don’t really matter, like housework and sleep! But sometimes I feel I don’t do enough activities with them and I lose my patience too easily.  I try using mindfulness to help calm and focus my mind and learn to live more in the moment but it’s not easy.  When I do manage it though, I realise  it is definitely worth it, I feel calmer and have more patience, even if just for a short time.



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