So, here goes!

I have been thinking about this for a long time, writing a blog – or writing anything actually – but there always seems to be something else that needs doing.  The kids need feeding, changing, entertaining or just my time in general. When I do find some time there are always things to book, renew, update, upgrade or just file away.  So I finally find some time today and I start looking at a website showing all the celebrities who are currently pregnant.  This is obviously a great use of my time but there was a niggling in my stomach – I have had lunch so it can’t be hunger – it was telling me I just needed to get on with what I want to do whilst my son is at nursery and my daughter is having her nap, and to just stop procrastinating.  You see, I tell myself that I don’t care what people think of me but that just isn’t true.  I do care, I worry that people will think I’m stupid or ridiculous or wasting my time. But as I write this, my first blog – whilst watching the clock because I am very aware that it is nearly time to pick up my son and my daughter is still asleep – my worries are slowly disappearing.  That is, of course, until I try to find time to write my next blog. I am really not sure how long a first blog should be, I have read many blogs and some seem long, some seem short and some I just have no idea because they are so good I don’t really care how long or short they are. So, for now, as I really must get my daughter up and go and pick up my son (did I mention that already), I will leave it there and hope I find time and inspiration for my next blog and that I can eventually make them interesting enough for people to want to read.


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